Gibraltar Residency ID Card

New in Gibraltar and planning to process your Residency ID Card?

The basic requirements which you must present are:

for EEA National – Employed

1. Passport or National ID Card.

2. ETB registration. If registration took place six months or more before the application for a residence permit, request a letter from employer stating that person is still working there.

3. Proof of accommodation, i.e. Rental Agreement (valid for six months) if property rented by company, a letter stating the person is living there from the company. If renting, rental agreement or letter from estate agent. If living with someone who owns property deeds or under lease a detailed letter explaining under what basis is living in the house, (family, boyfriend/girlfriend). If Government rented, Housing Information List.

4. 1 Photo

5. £5.00

EEA national self-employed

1. Passport or National ID Card.

2. ETB registration as self-employed.

3. Business Certificate

4. DSS Schedule

5. Proof of accommodation as above

6. 1 Photo

7. £5.00


Must present the following…

1. Passport

2. Proof of Income (Pension dividends, bank statements) needs to be drawn from a local bank.

3. Private medical insurance or if British Citizen and entitled to NHS in the UK to get in touch with CHA and have rights transferred over, or health card

4. Proof of accommodation as above

2. For Civilian Registration Card

In order to apply for Civilian Registration Card all applicants must submit the following documentation:

• Completed application form,

• Passport,

• Proof of Address (please see notes below),

• Proof of Income (please see notes below),

• Passport photo,

• Fee for Civilian Registration Cards is £5

The above documents are also required when you renew your registration card but you don’t have to pay the £5 for renewal.

Here are some of the helpful websites and information on how to process your Residency ID Card

1. Requirements and procedures:

2. Forms


Civil Status and Registration

Joshua Hassan House, Secretary Lane

Telephone Number +350 200 51725